IT’S OFFICIAL (I’ve seen it with my own eyes)!

By Janet Hickey / November 22, 2011

My book is featured on page 57 of the Premier Issue of Cloth Paper Scissors “PAGES” magazine.  Woo Hoo!! The book featured is my SmARTaleck Studio book made from a vinyl store banner.  I use it to sketch sculpting ideas and take notes in class.  It’s a little worse for wear – schlepping it back and…

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Last Year’s Ornament

By Janet Hickey / November 15, 2011

I’ve been sooooo busy (Ha). Thought I’d share a past project with you while I get pictures together to post about my work with leather and my jewelry made with repurposed floppy disk parts. I make my grandchildren a christmas ornament every year. This was last year’s ornament for my grandson Martin who LOVES sharks.…

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Boxes of Cards

By Janet Hickey / September 2, 2011

Every year around this time, after a visit to Impressive Ideas in Roswell, I come away with grand ideas about making my Christmas cards. Then Christmas comes at the speed of sound and I wind up purchasing boxed cards. Because I can’t decide on the design I purchase a box each of two or three…

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The Longest Yard Sale

By Janet Hickey / August 27, 2011

At the beginning of August our vacation started in Savannah, GA. From there we went to Asheville, NC to visit some awesome galleries and art studios and then on to Tennessee where we picked up the yard sale trail. The first couple of sales we went to were side by side. We didn’t find anything.…

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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

By Janet Hickey / July 22, 2011

About four years ago I agreed to be mobilized from Atlanta to the Gulf of Mississippi to support a disaster housing project related to the Katrina Disaster that devastated the Coast. I had never been to Mississippi before. Katrina was still a vivid memory when I arrived and it’s Citizens were reeling from loss of…

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Pack Up Your Cares and Woes…

By Janet Hickey / July 18, 2011

Metal Medley Challenge #5 Cares and Woes (C&W for short) is 12″ tall and is for the person who jots things down on scraps of paper. For those of us that don’t journal this is a place to drop notes, thoughts and concerns. There’s a slot in the back of the body for the scraps…

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Something Old – Something New

By Janet Hickey / July 13, 2011

While I’m working on Metal Medley challenge item #4 I thought I’d share a pin I made and the story behind it (sorry – but everything I do has a story). My Dad was 17 when he enlisted in the Navy (he lied about his age). During WWII he was in the gun turret on…

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Faux Wire Wrapped Necklace

By Janet Hickey / July 11, 2011

OK – I’m posting finished item #3 in front of finished item #2 of the Metal Medley challenge (in case you missed the previous blog – it’s my own challenge)this is easier to photograph. I’ll post #2 tomorrow.Supplies from the Medley: 4 diamond shaped and 4 triangle shaped paper clips, 3 picture hangers, 7 eyelets…

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Treasures – I must have been a Pirate in a Previous Life

By Janet Hickey / March 20, 2011

An enabler friend of mine let me know about an artist that was moving to Pittsburgh and having a yard sale. It was a sunny, glorious day – look at the treasures I found… (I’ve included the prices I paid because I like to see what others paid for their treasures and I’ve included my…

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By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2011

The firm I worked for deployed me to the Mississippi Gulf Coast a year after Hurricane Katrina struck. I worked there for three years – coming home permanently to Atlanta one year ago this February. I thought I understood the devastation until I got there. The media didn’t begin to portray the courage, hopefulness and…

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Book Sewing Frame – (Not your ordinary)

By Janet Hickey / January 28, 2011

Well folks – I spent the better part of today visiting with the boys. Michael, Dick and HL (Michaels Art/ Craft Store, Dick Blick Arts and Hobby Lobby). It’s been awhile since I’ve walked every isle to see what’s new and what could be used for something other than it’s original intention. It was a…

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Play Day and Altered Jewelry

By Janet Hickey / January 27, 2011

I spent time today experimenting with findings (things that go with other things). Bonnie’s Best Art Tools has a sale on enameled metal doo dads (the official name escapes me) that are generally used for decoration by threading a ribbon from side to side. I couldn’t resist a sale and an opportunity to see what…

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