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Tutorial – Gouache Resist Using a Resist Liner

Backstory:  Our bi-monthly doodling group was tasked with coming to the next meeting with a doodle containing our initial, a flower(s) and a square (could be the size of the ...
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Zombie Book and Clam Shell Box

Short story… I wanted to make something different for a special, incredibly talented, artist. I went to her blog and found a post titled “Things To Do Before The Zombie ...
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ATC – there’s a first time for everything

First, let me apologize for the pictures.  We're close to finishing my studio and getting my supplies and furniture out of storage.  In the meantime I'm still working on my ...
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Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover

If the Focus Book workshop finishes early we're going to make this journal structure… Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover Design Considerations: I wanted a journal structure that used supplies ...
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Gouache Resist – Oh Please!!!

Gouache Resist - Oh Please!!! I am such a two year old!  Enough said… There is a long blank wall in my dining room.  The art from our Atlanta house ...
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1 Inch Book Pendant

Hi - just messing around and made a 1 Inch Book PendantI put this post together on Valentines day 2012! and it got lost in my drafts folder.  This is ...
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Latest Projects

Photo Collage

Red Chair Thoughts

I can't help but share these.  If they're not in your "wheel house" they'll be interesting to you anyway. Wood Block Carving.  I just started a wood print workshop with ...
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Clamshell Box

Clamshell Box For My Friend

I made this box housing a tray and journal for my friend Bonnie who is fighting a battle with cancer. Of all the book jackets I have in my stash ...
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Gourd Bird

Gourds today, Print Block Carving tomorrow

I've been playing with everything that yells for attention. A friend had dropped off some small (orange/tangerine size) dried gourds for our every other Tuesday doodling get together at Random ...
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Simple Pop Out Valentine Card – Doodled Heart

I was very good yesterday, I worked all day at putting my studio back together, so I took a little time before calling it a night and made a Pop ...
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Fred Mullett & Mermaid

My last Fred Mullett and Mermaid picture

I swear I was done playing with my Fred Mullett and Art Impressions stamps (BTW I got the three ladies stamps, unused, at the Random Arts yard sale - where ...
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