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Boxes of Cards

Every year around this time, after a visit to Impressive Ideas in Roswell, I come away with grand ideas about making my Christmas cards. Then Christmas comes at the speed of sound and I wind up purchasing boxed cards. Because I can’t decide on the design I purchase a box each of two or three different designs – leaving multiples of the same card left over after the holidays.

My “stash” of cards have been on the “fly-be free” pile only to be pulled back in again – I’m visually invested.

At any rate – I HAVE to declutter. As I was putting a stack of multiple cards BACK in the “fly-be free” pile I remembered a card I saw in a book while strolling the isles at Hobby Lobby. The design took multiple copies of the same paper and stacked them using Nestibilities.

Here’s my version, using 6 of the same Christmas card – I haven’t glued the components together yet but you get the idea. Each of the inner layers were cut, embossed, highlighted with a Copic Marker and have a strip of thick chip board separating them.

Now I can let the other styles of remaining cards “fly-be free”. Been there – don’t need to go there again.

Ain’t life grand?