Get Lost! + Wreath made from Pages of a Book

By Janet Hickey / September 3, 2011

Get Lost! I did. Actually I’ve been lost every spare minute, last night and today, since my friend suggested I log on to Pinterest to look at something (actually I stole some minutes that weren’t spare and gave them to the spare pile)… Pinterest is a virtual Pinboard where people collect and post things…

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By Janet Hickey / September 2, 2011

My computer has been frozen! It’s the most valid excuse I have for sitting on my hands 😉 A couple of thoughts to share as I maneuvered my way around life this week….. Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan 2012: It doesn’t matter if you like, dislike or are ambivalent about this magazine and it’s online presence.…

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I’m a Mess (I know you’re surprised)

By Janet Hickey / August 27, 2011

Lesson for Today… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND ADDRESSES. Cloth Paper Scizzors not only puts out a quality magazine – it has a quality website and associated blogs. They put a notice in their magazine for their 2012 Artisan Search. Dang if I didn’t vasilate between applying and not applying, applying, not…

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Easy Come – Not So Easy Go…

By Janet Hickey / August 16, 2011

This is a book I made using Alisa Golden’s book as a reference. Borders has been my Go-To book store. I haven’t subscribed to magazines because I like to go to the book store, buy my magazine and browse. They’re closing ALL of their stores. It’s sad to hear of any business that has to…

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Red Chair Thoughts

By Janet Hickey / July 23, 2011

Finally! I hit my weight loss goal of 40lbs! It took me a year and a half utilizing the Weight Watchers program – but I did it. I’m more aware of some odd things… my watch, once snug on my wrist, hangs down 1/2″ away from the wrist. Last week I noticed the feeling of…

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Mother was a Hoot!

By Janet Hickey / May 17, 2011

It’s way past Mother’s Day but this was scheduled and in the que Google held on to it. I hesitated to share this but figured what the heck – any artistic endeavors I share with you came to me through her. This was the first Mother’s Day in 59 years I haven’t been able to…

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New Tool – Compressor and Copic Markers – YA HOO!!

By Janet Hickey / May 11, 2011

Sorry for the delay in posting – my birthday week turned into three weeks (my husband refuses to extend it another month) and I got lost. More about my new mini compressor mentioned in my previous post… first, this can be an expense you may not want to add to your tool box but I…

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By Janet Hickey / January 21, 2011

I struggled with designing a logo to fit ME – it just didn’t happen. My mother lived with me. On the rare occasion that I would have to leave the house before she got up in the morning, I would leave her a short note by the coffee pot. One morning, wanting to make her…

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By Laura Phillips / June 12, 2002

Delores is my interpretation of Patti Medaris Culea’s doll pattern. 22 1/2″ tall Material: Embroidered fabric remnant. My mother made a beautiful suit that my sister Jean wore to my wedding in 1981. Beads: New, repurposed and vintage beads. Beads in the head were strung on wire. The necklace was made using beading thread. Color…

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By Laura Phillips / October 22, 1997

Ahhhh… my BFF Edna Quicke of Tallahassee collaborated with me on these ?happy on the eyes? dolls. I made and painted the dolls, Edna made the clothes. We made at least 10 sets. Before we stopped I made one Asian by altering the shape of the eyes as I cut the openings. Original Doll Artist:…

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