1 Inch Book Pendant

By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2014

Hi – just messing around and made a 1 Inch Book PendantI put this post together on Valentines day 2012! and it got lost in my drafts folder.  This is great if you have old correspondence that’s dear to you – you don’t want to part with it AND you don’t want to share the…

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Metals – I’m just playin

By Janet Hickey / February 17, 2012

These are projects I made for the Bonnie Art Tools http://www.bonniesbest.com/booth at the recent Stamp Festival (the black display cards are made from pre-cut chip board (same boards used for the Flower Press).  Black paper was glued to one side and then edged with various paper tape, holes were drilled, grommets set and ribbon inserted to use as a hanger): Frame…

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100 Bottles of Beer on Wall, 100 Bottles … you get it

By Janet Hickey / October 17, 2011

What a hoot! My friend and I spent more time visiting the WonderRoot Creative Reuse (wrcratl.wordpress.com/about) table than we did any other table at the recent Brookhaven Art Fair (a fabulous fair by the way). WonderRoot Creative Reuse does many things regarding environmental awareness and arts and crafts in the community but what interested me…

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Something Old – Something New

By Janet Hickey / July 13, 2011

While I’m working on Metal Medley challenge item #4 I thought I’d share a pin I made and the story behind it (sorry – but everything I do has a story). My Dad was 17 when he enlisted in the Navy (he lied about his age). During WWII he was in the gun turret on…

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Faux Wire Wrapped Necklace

By Janet Hickey / July 11, 2011

OK – I’m posting finished item #3 in front of finished item #2 of the Metal Medley challenge (in case you missed the previous blog – it’s my own challenge)this is easier to photograph. I’ll post #2 tomorrow.Supplies from the Medley: 4 diamond shaped and 4 triangle shaped paper clips, 3 picture hangers, 7 eyelets…

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Fairy Magic

By Janet Hickey / April 6, 2011

OK – At a yard sale last year I found some old metal fuse boxes (1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″) with clear plastic covers that slid out to access the small fuses. I also found a tiny person with a ball in her raised hands – in pretty bad shape. The definition for “fairy” was…

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Thank You – Military Hero Pendant

By Janet Hickey / February 5, 2011

Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women trying to keep the peace and keep us safe here at home Salute: My father was in the Navy, awarded two purple hearts in WWII, My Step Father retired Navy, my husband retired Navy Seabee reserve (29 yrs), my…

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Butterfly Pin & Metal Corners

By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2011

Two Dilemmas… 1. I didn’t push the development of this butterfly I posted a couple of days ago and it was bugging me …2. The curved, simple, metal corners are a favorite of mine. My friend mentioned the other day she didn’t like them very much and gave me hers. I got to thinking that…

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Play Day and Altered Jewelry

By Janet Hickey / January 27, 2011

I spent time today experimenting with findings (things that go with other things). Bonnie’s Best Art Tools has a sale on enameled metal doo dads (the official name escapes me) that are generally used for decoration by threading a ribbon from side to side. I couldn’t resist a sale and an opportunity to see what…

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Book Pendant – MOP Bird on Eggs

By Janet Hickey / January 17, 2011

I’m finding my way around the blog world – hope you’ll hang in until I get it reasonably right. Important: Improvise – keep loose – play Artsy/Crafty: Metal gauge = the smaller the gauge the thicker the metal. I mixed metals – copper sheet and sterling wire. Sometimes that’s not good for me – but…

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Office Maxine

By Janet Hickey / November 18, 2009

As featured in 1000 Jewelry Inspirations: Beads, Baubles, Danglesand Chains by Sandra Salamony

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Time Flies

By Janet Hickey / March 10, 2009

This pin was made as a Christmas gift for my friend Debbie: I found a fabulous set of Audubon cards at the flea market. Bird Head: Shrank the Audubon card to fit the size of the stamped wings and color copied it onto photo paper. Wings: Stamp for angel wings, colored with water color pencils…

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Angel Pin

By Janet Hickey / December 9, 2008

This pin was made as a Christmas gift for my friend Becky. This card was promoting a museum exhibit in the town where Becky lived. There were a stack of the cards in the lobby of a hotel I was staying. Wings: Cut out from the color card. Face: Stamp Other: Watch parts, rhinestones, distress…

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