1 GOOD Excuse, 5+ Reasons and a Flower Press

By Janet Hickey / February 13, 2012

It’s been over a month since my last post!  First and foremost…Is this the cutest picture you’ve ever seen? Gabi opened her dress-up trunk Christmas morning (when this picture was taken).  Stripped down to only the tutu, fairy necklace, magic wand and crown, and holding her new Dora Doll – she twirled on one foot…

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The 3 T’s are Finished

By Janet Hickey / December 20, 2011

That’s TRUNK, TIARA BOX AND TU TU’S… The descriptions, techniques and supplies are lengthy so I put them at the end of this post with more pictures… Aluminum Trunk Tiara Box Magic Princess Tu Tu TRUNK (as pictured on it’s side) 26″ wide  x 16 1/2″ high x 10″ deep: This is an aluminum salesperson’s trunk we…

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Woven Star from Vintage Book Pages

By Janet Hickey / November 17, 2011

Stars made from pages of books, magazines, cloth, ribbon – just use your imagination for an easy, fun, rewarding, project.  Technique for “making stars come out at night” is towards the bottom of this post. This is the first star I made using 1″ x 8″ strips cut from an old dictionary. After that I reduced the…

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Ideas I haven’t Shared Before

By Janet Hickey / October 31, 2011

I picked up the Flea Market Style magazine at the hardware store. Holy Cow! There were some really neat ideas in there. Below are pictures of some of the things I’ve done with “other” things.1958 Chevy fender wings ($1 ea at a car swap meet) = coat, bag hanger Fireplace Mantel ($8 at garage sale)…

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E6000 Glue Tube

By Janet Hickey / March 8, 2011

Regardless how careful I was in screwing the lid back on my tube of E6000 glue – it would dry out. So I tried something different. I left the lid on the tube and put a hole in the side of tube towards the top. After getting the glue that I need I put a…

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Wedding Center Piece

By Janet Hickey / March 7, 2011

June weddings are being planned and I wanted to share a table center piece (14″ overall height) I made many many years ago for my daughter’s wedding reception (I can’t remember how many we made – but it seemed like Edna (myBFF) and I made a gazillion flowers). The hem of Laura’s wedding gown was…

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