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IPad Stand using Book Covers – Repurposed #1

Having a hard time separating myself from the books that don’t have a “near future” purpose and don’t have much of a redeeming value that anyone else would want them.

To reduce the length of the post I’m sending this in two posts. #1 shows the finished project. #2 shows the process.

Stand as assembled. The elastic serves two purposes; it holds the IPad
in place and keeps the stand in the open position. 

Design Thoughts:
I wanted to make a stand that would present my IPad at an angle that was comfortable for me to read or watch videos while doing other things (like eating or working on my art). Making my own IPad Stand means I get a comfortable slant to the IPad that complements MY upper body height when sitting and/or standing.

My thoughts immediately went to book board or foam core – two materials I’m good with and could, in a short time, build a stand with a drawer, cabinet – yep – Idea’s run amok. Thank goodness ideas fly at me at rapid rate and the book cover idea came in before I could get my board out 😉 I considered the time and effort of making my stand vs the visual payback (how much would I love it when I was done) vs the cost and time of going out and purchasing a plastic manufactured stand (hoping it suited my body height). The visual payback is HUGE.   It turned out that I couldn’t help myself and was deconstructing and reconstructing book covers before I was out of my PJ’s. Love it.

Two 1937 cloth, embossed, book covers.  Each separated from 1/2 of
their respective covers and glued together at the spine.  The inside of
the spine was reinforced with book board and covered in matching end paper. 
A variation using two different book covers.

An Easy Peasy AND Rewarding project.

IPad Stand:
2 – 1937 / New Standard Encyclopedia Volumes IV and V (I bought 6 volumes at a yard sale years ago)
The covers are a very nice, embossed, burgundy cloth.
Scraps of Chipboard
3 – Silver Grommets
15″ – 1/2″ black elastic
PVA Glue
 When assembled:  3 3/4″ tall (spine), 9 1/2″ wide, 6 1/2″ deep

Grommets hold 1/2″ elastic in place.  The IPad’s pull on the elastic brings the
cover forward so the spine stands straight and prevents the cover from
collapsing backwards from the weight of the IPad.  The 1/2″ stop  glued to the
bottom cover (cut from one of the  discarded covers) lets the top cover rest –
preventing the top cover from sliding forward and laying flat.
The stand can lay flat for storing and/or slipping into a purse to
take out when dining alone.  Pretty fancy.