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Crab Purse

5″ high x 7 1/2″ wide (2″ at base when closed)

Mr. Wonderful and I went on vacation Hersey, PA then on to New York and New Jersey. We had a ball (it doesn’t take much).

The purse holds pictures inside in the order of the cities we visited. The outside pocket contains the CD of the pictures.

Purse Outside: 12″ Chip board, scored and folded. Covered outside with decorative paper and inside with a map used on our vacation. A separate piece of thin chip board was cut for the flap, covered with decorative paper and glued in place. The map was copied on velum and adhered to the front by a grommet at each corner.
Crab: Found the crab body while walking on the shore of Cape May. A round piece of thin chip board was cut and inked white. I drew the crab legs, glued on black beads for eyes and then glued the body down.
Velcro holds the flap down over the CD pocket.
Purse Inside: Card stock, fan folded sides at 1/2″ increments – glued to front and back of inside of purse.
Purse Dividers: Cut 4 pieces of cardstock 4 3/4″ by 7″. Cut strips of the map, glued over the top of each divider and inserted them every third fold. Typed the main cities we visited on card stock, cut out and glued to left side of divider after the divider was glued in place.
Feet: Metal purse feet.