Ideas I haven’t Shared Before

By Janet Hickey / October 31, 2011

I picked up the Flea Market Style magazine at the hardware store. Holy Cow! There were some really neat ideas in there. Below are pictures of some of the things I’ve done with “other” things.1958 Chevy fender wings ($1 ea at a car swap meet) = coat, bag hanger Fireplace Mantel ($8 at garage sale)…

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Bead & Small Things Storage

By Janet Hickey / October 30, 2011

Years ago I was lucky and acquired a 10 drawer flat file – 43″ deep x 54″ wide (actually, by now I have 2-10 drawer & 1-5 drawer flat files). The one below holds beads, jewelry in progress, findings, jewelry for repurposing and flat storage for prints and game boards (bottom two drawers).This 5 drawer…

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40th Vase Sculpture

40 Already?

By Janet Hickey / October 28, 2011

My son’s 40th Birthday is today, October 29th. Geeze – can he be that old? CAN I be that old? Yep and yep. At 40 he’s a successful business man, husband and father of three. We’re very proud of the man Michael has become. I made Michael this sculpture to celebrate his 40th year. The…

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Weiner Dog – Metal Letter Stamp Storage

By Janet Hickey / October 24, 2011

I’m rearranging work areas in my Studio.I consolidated my metals work to one table, dedicating the other work table to sculpting. Moving things around usually means I come across something I haven’t had my hands on in a little while and then I’m off. Finding and reviewing some of the videos on got me…

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By Janet Hickey / October 21, 2011

My daughter Laura is a very talented artist, writer and singer. None of that is what she does to earn a living – but she can’t get away from it. She painted a picture (11 x 14) to accompany one of her “internalisms” and gave it to her Aunt in Florida. I scanned it before…

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Some of This and Some of That + Wire Storage

By Janet Hickey / October 20, 2011

Some of This: (Just an FYI – I rescued you from a rant, this post was a page. I let it marinate and cut it back to the important basics…) – Searching the internet for a disc cutter I found Folks, if you have a question about the proper use of a tool –…

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100 Bottles of Beer on Wall, 100 Bottles … you get it

By Janet Hickey / October 17, 2011

What a hoot! My friend and I spent more time visiting the WonderRoot Creative Reuse ( table than we did any other table at the recent Brookhaven Art Fair (a fabulous fair by the way). WonderRoot Creative Reuse does many things regarding environmental awareness and arts and crafts in the community but what interested me…

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Vintage Post Card

By Janet Hickey / October 9, 2011

Looking for something else I came across a post card I actually bought for more than 50 cents because it was unique. Living Pictures Series Number 212 / Copyrighted 1912 by J.J. Marks, N.Y. Almost 100 years old. I hope I look that good when I’m 100. “My Heart” turned 60 today. I remember meeting…

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I haven’t been idle… +one

By Janet Hickey / October 7, 2011

Sculpting class started the Tuesday after we got back from vacation. I started a sculpture AND made a vase. Remember the longest yard sale and how we only got to visit a few sales before it rained so hard I was expecting the ARK to float up? Well, the long story is…my friend, knowing I’m…

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Europe – A Long Way to Travel for a "Self Discovery"

By Janet Hickey / September 26, 2011

We’re back from Germany and Italy and I discovered something I thought I knew about myself but didn’t want to admit that what I knew and was hoping to change – was irreversible… I don’t journal. One of my Mother’s favorite sayings to us girls (there were 5 of us) was “Buy you books and…

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Ooooo La La – Pink Leather!

By Janet Hickey / September 8, 2011

Sorry to disappoint – I’m too boring for pink leather to be associated with anything other than an art item. LOL. We leave for Germany and Italy tomorrow. I woke up yesterday morning with the idea for my travel journal – the ideas come, when the ideas come. Cover: Pink Leather – a remnant purchased…

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Get Lost! + Wreath made from Pages of a Book

By Janet Hickey / September 3, 2011

Get Lost! I did. Actually I’ve been lost every spare minute, last night and today, since my friend suggested I log on to Pinterest to look at something (actually I stole some minutes that weren’t spare and gave them to the spare pile)… Pinterest is a virtual Pinboard where people collect and post things…

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Boxes of Cards

By Janet Hickey / September 2, 2011

Every year around this time, after a visit to Impressive Ideas in Roswell, I come away with grand ideas about making my Christmas cards. Then Christmas comes at the speed of sound and I wind up purchasing boxed cards. Because I can’t decide on the design I purchase a box each of two or three…

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By Janet Hickey / September 2, 2011

My computer has been frozen! It’s the most valid excuse I have for sitting on my hands 😉 A couple of thoughts to share as I maneuvered my way around life this week….. Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan 2012: It doesn’t matter if you like, dislike or are ambivalent about this magazine and it’s online presence.…

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The Longest Yard Sale

By Janet Hickey / August 27, 2011

At the beginning of August our vacation started in Savannah, GA. From there we went to Asheville, NC to visit some awesome galleries and art studios and then on to Tennessee where we picked up the yard sale trail. The first couple of sales we went to were side by side. We didn’t find anything.…

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I’m a Mess (I know you’re surprised)

By Janet Hickey / August 27, 2011

Lesson for Today… PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO ALL SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND ADDRESSES. Cloth Paper Scizzors not only puts out a quality magazine – it has a quality website and associated blogs. They put a notice in their magazine for their 2012 Artisan Search. Dang if I didn’t vasilate between applying and not applying, applying, not…

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Easy Come – Not So Easy Go…

By Janet Hickey / August 16, 2011

This is a book I made using Alisa Golden’s book as a reference. Borders has been my Go-To book store. I haven’t subscribed to magazines because I like to go to the book store, buy my magazine and browse. They’re closing ALL of their stores. It’s sad to hear of any business that has to…

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Red Chair Thoughts

By Janet Hickey / July 23, 2011

Finally! I hit my weight loss goal of 40lbs! It took me a year and a half utilizing the Weight Watchers program – but I did it. I’m more aware of some odd things… my watch, once snug on my wrist, hangs down 1/2″ away from the wrist. Last week I noticed the feeling of…

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Once In A Lifetime Opportunity

By Janet Hickey / July 22, 2011

About four years ago I agreed to be mobilized from Atlanta to the Gulf of Mississippi to support a disaster housing project related to the Katrina Disaster that devastated the Coast. I had never been to Mississippi before. Katrina was still a vivid memory when I arrived and it’s Citizens were reeling from loss of…

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Backing Up to Regroup

By Janet Hickey / July 20, 2011

My wonderful husband has been very patient while I’ve immersed myself in metal. I’ve put my self-imposed Metal Medley (from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools) challenge aside for a little bit. I needed to make time to help him plan our trip in September to Germany and Italy. OK – Did That. NOW – on to…

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