Tutorial – Gouache Resist Using a Resist Liner

By Janet Hickey / March 13, 2015

Backstory:  Our bi-monthly doodling group was tasked with coming to the next meeting with a doodle containing our initial, a flower(s) and a square (could be the size of the paper). I came across my fine line bottle of masking fluid while I was moving things around (again and again) and it was on my…

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Two more print making techniques under my belt!!

By Janet Hickey / December 21, 2012

The product to remember is Gomuban – I’ll get to it in the middle of this post. Ink and Markers I sketched and doodled a Kimono a couple of years ago on a piece of paper that had an architect’s house plans on the back (c1966) – it’s about 14 X 18. When I knew…

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Glue This To That

By Janet Hickey / April 28, 2012

Look what I found!  No not tulips.  I just threw in this picture of my birthday flowers because they were pretty and I didn’t have a picture of anything glued together.  HA! I found (it wasn’t really lost) a web site that let’s you input the type of material you want to glue to another type…

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E6000 Glue Tube

By Janet Hickey / March 8, 2011

Regardless how careful I was in screwing the lid back on my tube of E6000 glue – it would dry out. So I tried something different. I left the lid on the tube and put a hole in the side of tube towards the top. After getting the glue that I need I put a…

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