Call me Pollyanna

By Janet Hickey / July 15, 2012

26 students – making 4 journals in 2.5 hours was ambitious. Pamphlets (4 1/4′ X 5 1/2′) showing the students specifics of the journals they made – bound with hairbands from Dollar Tree (100 for $1) Monday was the first day of class. The 25 artists (we lost one – before the class started) began the first…

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25 Students, 4 Journals, 2.5 Hours!

By Janet Hickey / July 6, 2012

20 page pamphlet I put together of the 4 Journal Techniques being taught4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ I’m nothing if not optimistic.  Here’s what happened.  A few weeks ago the Administration of a community arts center asked one of our local book arts teachers if she would teach a one day journal making class the…

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