Tutorial – Gouache Resist Using a Resist Liner

By Janet Hickey / March 13, 2015

Backstory:  Our bi-monthly doodling group was tasked with coming to the next meeting with a doodle containing our initial, a flower(s) and a square (could be the size of the paper). I came across my fine line bottle of masking fluid while I was moving things around (again and again) and it was on my…

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Simple Pop Out Valentine Card – Doodled Heart

By Janet Hickey / January 20, 2015

I was very good yesterday, I worked all day at putting my studio back together, so I took a little time before calling it a night and made a Pop Out Valentine card.  Valentines Day is weeks away so I have a some time to finish it with a verse.  In the meantime I’m going…

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ATC – there’s a first time for everything

By Janet Hickey / October 14, 2014

First, let me apologize for the pictures.  We’re close to finishing my studio and getting my supplies and furniture out of storage.  In the meantime I’m still working on my kitchen counter and, if space wasn’t an issue, it’s been a beautiful rainy day with a gray sky – therefore not the best light for…

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Two more print making techniques under my belt!!

By Janet Hickey / December 21, 2012

The product to remember is Gomuban – I’ll get to it in the middle of this post. Ink and Markers I sketched and doodled a Kimono a couple of years ago on a piece of paper that had an architect’s house plans on the back (c1966) – it’s about 14 X 18. When I knew…

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Woven Star from Vintage Book Pages

By Janet Hickey / November 17, 2011

Stars made from pages of books, magazines, cloth, ribbon – just use your imagination for an easy, fun, rewarding, project.  Technique for “making stars come out at night” is towards the bottom of this post. This is the first star I made using 1″ x 8″ strips cut from an old dictionary. After that I reduced the…

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By Janet Hickey / October 21, 2011

My daughter Laura is a very talented artist, writer and singer. None of that is what she does to earn a living – but she can’t get away from it. She painted a picture (11 x 14) to accompany one of her “internalisms” and gave it to her Aunt in Florida. I scanned it before…

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Encaustic Play Day

By Janet Hickey / March 25, 2011

I’ve owned Ranger’s Melting Pot and a block of Beeswax for over a year – I opened both packages for the first time today. Although I had the tools I didn’t have something specific to apply it to. It was because I want to try to use encaustic on a piece of bisque clay (see…

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