I’m more than Excited!! Random Arts in Saluda, NC

By Janet Hickey / March 19, 2014

Random Arts in Saluda, NC My art supplies are still in storage ;( However, I’ve been able to take a couple of workshops close to home that didn’t require all my supplies and have found an awesome network of artists and crafters. **I discovered just how close Random Arts, Saluda, NC http://www.randomartsnow.com is to me –…

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When The Student Is Ready…The Teacher Will Come

By Janet Hickey / May 13, 2012

In my case this Buddhist Proverb couldn’t be more timely… 1.  I came across a book binder on YouTube that put together awesome instructional videos of various book binding and case making techniques  http://www.youtube.com/user/Ceropegia?feature=watch. Sage Reynolds, the book binder, has an impressive list of videos, take a look.  While I knew (or have seen in the…

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Surf’s Up

By Janet Hickey / February 22, 2012

While I gather photos to share with you my latest thin thread let me share some fun sites and projects I’ve found during a quick surf of the net… Plastic Milk and Bacon Roses?  http://www.homemademamas.net/ This interesting web site shows you how to turn milk into a substance similar to plastic called CASEIN (sciencebob.com gives you the…

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Extreme Paper Cutting + Some More (more than 1)

By Janet Hickey / December 22, 2011

Found this paper artist http://dailyartmuse.com/ There’s more of Karen Bit Vejle’s work at the Daily Art Muse.  This site highlights magnificant artists.  If you like eye-candy, take a look. I found this on www.dudecraft.com I don’t collect Hub Cabs – yet. But this caught my eye (both of em) on a site I hadn’t been…

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This and That

By Janet Hickey / December 13, 2011

smARTaleck: Fun with old floppy disk parts. Look what I found when I should have been crafting my Christmas gifts… This and That … CREATIVITY:  A blog that contains information on sites holding design calls for one time designs, challenges and/or an opportunity to become a design team member.  They’re generally scrapbook (as the name…

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Get Lost! + Wreath made from Pages of a Book

By Janet Hickey / September 3, 2011

Get Lost! I did. Actually I’ve been lost every spare minute, last night and today, since my friend suggested I log on to Pinterest to look at something (actually I stole some minutes that weren’t spare and gave them to the spare pile)… http://www.pinterest.com Pinterest is a virtual Pinboard where people collect and post things…

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By Janet Hickey / September 2, 2011

My computer has been frozen! It’s the most valid excuse I have for sitting on my hands 😉 A couple of thoughts to share as I maneuvered my way around life this week….. Cloth Paper Scissors Artisan 2012: It doesn’t matter if you like, dislike or are ambivalent about this magazine and it’s online presence.…

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Red Chair Thoughts – along for the ride

By Janet Hickey / March 30, 2011

I found some rather large vintage cardboard pieces children would play with, each made to look like a brick wall. When something unusual comes my way I find myself thinking of different ways to utilize it(other than what it was intended for). Sometimes, as in this case, I acted on my thoughts before I went…

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