1 Inch Book Pendant

By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2014

Hi – just messing around and made a 1 Inch Book PendantI put this post together on Valentines day 2012! and it got lost in my drafts folder.  This is great if you have old correspondence that’s dear to you – you don’t want to part with it AND you don’t want to share the…

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The Past IS My Present

By Janet Hickey / April 24, 2012

Another one of my gifts (to myself 😉 was a weekend art class… A serendipitous search of the Internet led me to a weekend class being taught by Sandy Webster (www.sandywebster.com) only 1 1/2 hrs away from my home at The Creative Arts Center in Dalton, GA.          “Building Boxes:  Creative Spaces for Small Collections”    Two…

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13 More Sleeps Til Christmas

By Janet Hickey / December 12, 2011

A lot has happened this month… My long list of “firsts” without Mom is at an end (first Birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc).  She passed away December 3rd, 2010.  I could hear her talking to me as I was lamenting my need to make this year’s Christmas cards.  First she would tell me how pretty…

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Last Year’s Ornament

By Janet Hickey / November 15, 2011

I’ve been sooooo busy (Ha). Thought I’d share a past project with you while I get pictures together to post about my work with leather and my jewelry made with repurposed floppy disk parts. I make my grandchildren a christmas ornament every year. This was last year’s ornament for my grandson Martin who LOVES sharks.…

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40th Vase Sculpture

40 Already?

By Janet Hickey / October 28, 2011

My son’s 40th Birthday is today, October 29th. Geeze – can he be that old? CAN I be that old? Yep and yep. At 40 he’s a successful business man, husband and father of three. We’re very proud of the man Michael has become. I made Michael this sculpture to celebrate his 40th year. The…

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The Longest Yard Sale

By Janet Hickey / August 27, 2011

At the beginning of August our vacation started in Savannah, GA. From there we went to Asheville, NC to visit some awesome galleries and art studios and then on to Tennessee where we picked up the yard sale trail. The first couple of sales we went to were side by side. We didn’t find anything.…

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We Interupt This Broadcast…

By Janet Hickey / July 16, 2011

Metal Medley challenge #5 has created a firestorm of possibilities – I thought I had the basics pulled from my stash . . . – but me, myself and/or I had ideas floating to surface as we woke up this morning. We’re thinking of adding green beads, ice resin, tree bark, copic markers – aw…

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Fairy Magic

By Janet Hickey / April 6, 2011

OK – At a yard sale last year I found some old metal fuse boxes (1 1/2″ x 1 1/2″) with clear plastic covers that slid out to access the small fuses. I also found a tiny person with a ball in her raised hands – in pretty bad shape. The definition for “fairy” was…

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Good Idea Gone Bad

By Janet Hickey / March 24, 2011

Have you ever had a fabulous idea that, in the end, turned out to be above your capabilities. This was one for me. It’s been about 8 years since I pulled this together and have since learned when to cry “uncle”;) Inspiration: Computer hard drive destined for the garbage. Ohhhhh what fabulous, colorful, circuit boards…

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Thank You – Military Hero Pendant

By Janet Hickey / February 5, 2011

Thank you to the men and women of our armed forces and the men and women trying to keep the peace and keep us safe here at home Salute: My father was in the Navy, awarded two purple hearts in WWII, My Step Father retired Navy, my husband retired Navy Seabee reserve (29 yrs), my…

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Butterfly Pin & Metal Corners

By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2011

Two Dilemmas… 1. I didn’t push the development of this butterfly I posted a couple of days ago and it was bugging me …2. The curved, simple, metal corners are a favorite of mine. My friend mentioned the other day she didn’t like them very much and gave me hers. I got to thinking that…

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Book Sewing Frame – (Not your ordinary)

By Janet Hickey / January 28, 2011

Well folks – I spent the better part of today visiting with the boys. Michael, Dick and HL (Michaels Art/ Craft Store, Dick Blick Arts and Hobby Lobby). It’s been awhile since I’ve walked every isle to see what’s new and what could be used for something other than it’s original intention. It was a…

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Quiznos Tray

By Janet Hickey / September 12, 2010

When we first got a Quizno’s sandwich shop in Marietta they put their salads in cool triangle shaped black plastic take out containers. How can you throw something like that away? At any rate… I couldn’t. The unit is made of foam core. Strips were taken out of the center of the back and the side…

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Quilt Rack

By Janet Hickey / August 12, 2010

What was a quilt rack is now a deposit for memories (and holds a role of craft paper). My darling daughter gave me a yellow ceramic pitcher and glasses for Christmas and gave me permission to break them up for my mosaic – my jumping off point. The muscle man in the middle is the…

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1959 VW Engine Cover

By Janet Hickey / April 21, 2009

This began as a joke. We found a red, rusted and dirty 1959 Volkswagon engine cover at a garage sale for $5. We hung it on our dining room wall and taped big eyes on it. I liked it. I liked the big red piece of metal on my wall. However, it needed some loving…

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By Janet Hickey / March 5, 2009

I LOVE car parts -so much potential. Consequences is made from Porsche parts. Base is a mount Raised Eyebrow is a window crank Glasses is a gasket Eye is a bolt Mustache is a worn out rubber belt Warning sign is a fasten seat belt sign The tag has a reduced copy of the part…

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By Janet Hickey / January 12, 2008

28½” High – Base Pedestal 5¼” square Ohhhh—there is so much emotion tied up in Katrina. Bear with me while I explain. I was deployed to Mississippi in 2007 to help work on a project assisting residents with housing (I was there almost three years). It was over two years after Katrina and folks were…

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