Tutorial – Gouache Resist Using a Resist Liner

By Janet Hickey / March 13, 2015

Backstory:  Our bi-monthly doodling group was tasked with coming to the next meeting with a doodle containing our initial, a flower(s) and a square (could be the size of the paper). I came across my fine line bottle of masking fluid while I was moving things around (again and again) and it was on my…

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Zombie Book and Clam Shell Box

By Janet Hickey / January 4, 2015

Short story… I wanted to make something different for a special, incredibly talented, artist. I went to her blog and found a post titled “Things To Do Before The Zombie Apocalypse” – things rocketed on from there. I lead a rather boring life and am not too familiar with Zombies. I’m more afraid of not…

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ATC – there’s a first time for everything

By Janet Hickey / October 14, 2014

First, let me apologize for the pictures.  We’re close to finishing my studio and getting my supplies and furniture out of storage.  In the meantime I’m still working on my kitchen counter and, if space wasn’t an issue, it’s been a beautiful rainy day with a gray sky – therefore not the best light for…

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Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover

By Janet Hickey / July 18, 2014

If the Focus Book workshop finishes early we’re going to make this journal structure… Pamphlet Stitched Journal with Collaged Cover Design Considerations: I wanted a journal structure that used supplies most folks would have on hand and involved minimal, if any, sewing.  It should be easy to assemble and easy to decorate (I, however, couldn’t stand…

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Gouache Resist – Oh Please!!!

By Janet Hickey / March 27, 2014

Gouache Resist – Oh Please!!! I am such a two year old!  Enough said… There is a long blank wall in my dining room.  The art from our Atlanta house is out of place here.  In moving “things” around, in and out of boxes, I came across two brand new 12″ x 36″ Showbox Gallery…

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1 Inch Book Pendant

By Janet Hickey / January 29, 2014

Hi – just messing around and made a 1 Inch Book PendantI put this post together on Valentines day 2012! and it got lost in my drafts folder.  This is great if you have old correspondence that’s dear to you – you don’t want to part with it AND you don’t want to share the…

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When The Student Is Ready…The Teacher Will Come

By Janet Hickey / May 13, 2012

In my case this Buddhist Proverb couldn’t be more timely… 1.  I came across a book binder on YouTube that put together awesome instructional videos of various book binding and case making techniques  http://www.youtube.com/user/Ceropegia?feature=watch. Sage Reynolds, the book binder, has an impressive list of videos, take a look.  While I knew (or have seen in the…

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By Janet Hickey / May 11, 2012

Ya Hoo!  I received my confirmation from Arrowmont of my upcoming class “Books-Leather Binding Thru The Ages” taught by Jana Pullman http://www.westernslopebindery.com/index.html   I figured I should put aside my jewelry and sculpting supplies and bone up on book board and book making. I chose to start off with a handmade portfolio that would house a lined…

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Glue This To That

By Janet Hickey / April 28, 2012

Look what I found!  No not tulips.  I just threw in this picture of my birthday flowers because they were pretty and I didn’t have a picture of anything glued together.  HA! I found (it wasn’t really lost) a web site that let’s you input the type of material you want to glue to another type…

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100 Bottles of Beer on Wall, 100 Bottles … you get it

By Janet Hickey / October 17, 2011

What a hoot! My friend and I spent more time visiting the WonderRoot Creative Reuse (wrcratl.wordpress.com/about) table than we did any other table at the recent Brookhaven Art Fair (a fabulous fair by the way). WonderRoot Creative Reuse does many things regarding environmental awareness and arts and crafts in the community but what interested me…

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C&W Design and Technical Challenges

By Janet Hickey / July 19, 2011

You can see why I posted these design and technical notes separate from the finished project. Design: I knew I wanted to put legs on the ATC can – that’s it – I wasn’t sure where I was going from there.Design thoughts: The legs had to have flat feet. Then tall legs or short legs?…

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Pack Up Your Cares and Woes…

By Janet Hickey / July 18, 2011

Metal Medley Challenge #5 Cares and Woes (C&W for short) is 12″ tall and is for the person who jots things down on scraps of paper. For those of us that don’t journal this is a place to drop notes, thoughts and concerns. There’s a slot in the back of the body for the scraps…

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Faux Wire Wrapped Necklace

By Janet Hickey / July 11, 2011

OK – I’m posting finished item #3 in front of finished item #2 of the Metal Medley challenge (in case you missed the previous blog – it’s my own challenge)this is easier to photograph. I’ll post #2 tomorrow.Supplies from the Medley: 4 diamond shaped and 4 triangle shaped paper clips, 3 picture hangers, 7 eyelets…

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Fisherman – what do you think?

By Janet Hickey / March 20, 2011

Chinese Proverb: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Remember him… (napkin ring, blush brush and poly clay head) – he’s painted and assembled now. The inspiration for this piece was the oil lamp I found at a…

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Copic Wallet

By Janet Hickey / March 15, 2011

I love tools. A lot of what I’ve made is because I wanted to try a new tool. I created this Copic wallet (before Copic Markers came out with theirs) because 1) I just bought a Martha Stewart scoring board and was scoring everything at 1/8″ I could get my hands on 2) I wanted…

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E6000 Glue Tube

By Janet Hickey / March 8, 2011

Regardless how careful I was in screwing the lid back on my tube of E6000 glue – it would dry out. So I tried something different. I left the lid on the tube and put a hole in the side of tube towards the top. After getting the glue that I need I put a…

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